The journey from the Central Freeway to Octavia Boulevard and Beyond

San Franciscans Rising Up to Bring It Down

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Take a walk through the area and through time. Click on pins to see what was there before and what is there now.

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Our Mission

Inspire and empower future San Franciscans to realize that, through civic engagement of the freeway removal in the Market / Octavia area, you can change the city for the better! 

Looking to the Future

As we move to create a permanent “Commemoration” along Octavia Boulevard, The Committee wants to remember, perhaps “never forget” what it means for ordinary citizens to rise up and take action, setting in motion the demolition of the Central Freeway in the face of many barriers.  The committee will be reaching out for proposals from local creative partnerships who know the story and can express it visually in a permanent installation. Proposals will be presented to the community in 2021 or 2022.

Get Involved

The story of the Central Freeway lives on through our residents and in our neighborhood. This means you! Be on the lookout for community meetings and events in 2021 to discuss commemorative design options and other neighborhood commitments.